The Street Herd of Traditional Hereford Cattle
Awnells Farm, Much Marcle, Ledbury, Herefordshire, HR8 2NW

The Street herd is part of the Hereford herd kept at Awnells Farm. A Hereford herd has been kept at Awnells for over seventy years and is a strictly commercial beef herd. Here most bull calves are steered and fattened for beef, while the heifers are either reared as replacements, or fattened for slaughter.

The Street herd today consists of members from three tribes. These are the Amorous, Plum and Belladonna. The Amorous tribe are represented by a Llandinabo Amorous (see photograph below left). The Plums also come from Llandinabo, while the Belladonna tribe is represented by the Westwood Laura family (see photograph above right).

Anwells farm is a traditional farm for south east Herefordshire. It is mainly a grass farm, with some arable land, and a cider orchard. The farm is part of the Countryside Restoration Trust, with parts of the farm managed under various forms of government subsidised management schemes. Certain areas of the farm are managed under the Countryside Stewardship Scheme; the orchard produces cider apples and pears to the Soil Association's orgainic standards, and are sold to the local cider maker Weston's; while the remaining grassland is managed in a low input system.

The Hereford herd is grazed for most of the season, while in the wettest periods of the year the herd is housed in open strawed yards. Judicious use is made of hay, barley straw, and balancer rations to rear the cattle when grazing is not available.

All the beef produced by Awnells farm is sold to butchers within the locality. This is either direct or through the "Traditional Beef Meat Marketing Scheme".

During this summer I have showed a young bull from the Laura family, orginating from Ray Davies's Westwood herd, and he has been reasonably successfull, winning the Interbreed Championship for the Rare and Native Breeds, at the Three Counties Show Rare and Native Breeds day on 20th June 2004. (Pictured below)

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